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Double Bass Boat


A four-person fiberglass clinker dinghy is converted into a functioning double bass. Two-year duration. 5 x 1.3 x 0.9m.

Brick Bay Sculpture Trail, Matakana, Auckland.

The work is a playful amalgamation of two familiar physically similar forms with inherently dissimilar scales and functions. The work quietly harks the sea faring basis of our colony and the songs, which would have been sung to keep morale up during the journey.
Double Bass Boat aims to draw a connection between the namesake of the sculpture trail ‘Brick Bay’ – think: water and sea-travel, and the ancestral overseer of the Winery – Dionysus. He is present in the form of the instrument, alluding to song, dance and festivity. His symbolism and myth refer to ‘otherworldliness’, the edges of self-consciousness, freedom and movement. Music and boats are both designed to transport people to another place, one mentally the other physically. Could this work potentially do both? Probably not, but only one way to find out!
The work is designed and built in such a way that it is functional and sounds good (once tuned). It is best played with a bass bow. Performances will be conducted.